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Smugglivus with The Book Smugglers

The Book Smugglers is a blog "speculative and genre fiction for all ages. In addition to being an outlet for Ana and Thea’s bottomless obsession with books, reviews, and assorted popgeekery" and every year the run a winter-time celebration of all things media and pop culture referred to as Smugglivus!


Book Recs at the Hugo Award Winning Lady Business

Clare, Ira, Jodie, KJ, Renay, and Susan (along with a myriad of other contributors) have been writing about media, pop culture, and SFF since 2011, wining their Hugo Award for Best Fanzine in 2017

  • "The Lending Shelf of My Dreams": Renay asked 'if I had a shelf with extra copies of ten books only for lending to people, regardless of their tastes, what books would I stock?' and several of us answered!