Sensitivity Reading

If you feel you've done your research, but want to make sure you've put a pair of #ownvoices eyes on your work, I offer my services in reading/critiquing manuscripts dealing with bisexuality (as a cisgendered woman), fat representation, depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. If you have further questions after my notes are returned, I'll be happy to provide follow-up. 

General Assessment

Unsure of where to go next, or unable to put your finger on just what isn't working? Wondering if we'd be a good editorial fit? This is the option for you! I'll provide you with a general overview of the strengths and weakness of your manuscript, along with a line-edit of the first ten pages and potential next steps to take!


Line/Copy Editing

A close pass of your manuscript with a focus on syntax, spelling, grammar, and the mechanics of sentence construction. As part of this, issues with continuity will also be addressed. This is not a big-picture look at your work, but rather a chance to dig down into fine tuning your manuscript,


Substantive/Developmental Editing

Taking a look at the bigger picture of your story, this edit will examine things like structure, pacing, character development, and plot. This edit generally won't be looking for spelling or grammar errors, but will instead be focusing on the overall flow and refinement of your work. 

Because each manuscript is different, no rates are listed - rather, I work with each author to establish a fair rate based on word count, type of edit needed, time, and effort, ensuring that no one's time or money goes to waste! If you would like a quote, or to inquire about upcoming availability, please email me at or ping me on Twitter.