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Not Now, I'm Reading Podcast

Once upon a time, two internet best friends realized they spent so much time talking about books, movies, fanfic, and pop culture that they wanted to invite other people to join the party! And thus, Not Now, Iā€™m Reading was born! We aim to be critical media consumers, but we want this show to be a space for positivity and celebration of media that gets it right. Nothing is perfect, but there are some damn good books/movies/tv shows out there, and we want to share them with all of you!


Lists, Reviews, Recaps: My Own Writing 

Here is where you can find my fiction and critical nonfiction, focusing on the validity of joy, all sorts of queer narratives, and the intersections of gender, sex, faith, and literature! I've got a penchant for romance, SFF, horror, and narrative non-fiction, but truly - nothing and no one is safe. The work here has been published at a wide variety of online outlets, including The Book Smugglers and the Hugo Award winning site Lady Business.