Friday Five 5.25.18

It's been a whirlwind of a week, friends, but when is that ever not the case?! Between a couple of closed school days, a handful of scheduling tornadoes, and the ever-pressing need to mow the lawn because - that's right! - summer is here at last, I almost didn't manage to track down five for this week's Friday Five. Luckily, the internet never fails to provide, and so here are a handful of the super interesting things I ran across on the internet this week!

"Sorry, haters: Almost no one in ‘Star Wars’ is canonically straight" by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw at The Daily Dot

Gavia is always one of my go-to reads when it comes to intelligent, insightful critiques and commentaries on a wide breadth of the pop culture landscape. Her analysis of the Star Wars canon (and what is canon, anyway?!) in light of the recent meta-revelation that Lando Calrissian, noted space lothario, is indeed pansexual. Now, I will say that my bullshit meter goes off at top volume when you're queer characters are created by external commentary and not in the text itself, but do yourself a favor - go read Gavia's piece. She breaks it down so much better than I ever could.

"Neil Gorsuch Just Demolished Labor Rights" by Mark Joseph Stern at Slate

 It will come as no shock to people that I know me that I am a bit of a policy wonk, a political science dork. Which as made the last eighteen months or so not only a nightmare in terms of resisting by existing, but also in regards to watching some of what are, in my mind, the tent poles to successful American democracy, erode from under us. In this specific case, as the rest of the world imploded, a 5-4 decision from the Supreme Court reversed an earlier judgement and allows employers to keep employees from suing under collective action for things like wage theft.

Justice Ginsberg (FOREVER FAVORITE) wrote a scathing and passionate dissent of the act, which further allows companies to operate free of consequence with regards to their employee's ability to act collectively. 

I will hate the Republican party forever for a lot of reasons. Stealing this Supreme Court seat is just the tip of the iceberg.

"#TraLaFrankenstein Readalong" by the Demographically Similar Jennys at Reading the End

It is no secret that I LOVE THE JENNYS! I also love the story behind the creation of one of science fiction's first texts - written by a teenage girl, no less! While I didn't have a ton of luck with the actual text of Frankenstein when I read it years ago, I'm having a much better time following along with these hilarious posts. The readalong is only running through the end of May, but there's a giveaway, and I think these posts make a perfect companion to Frankenstein whenever you manage to get to it.


"Lave Cake for the Apocalypse" by Wendy Nikel at

I will admit, the first time I saw the domain for this story, I was convinced that I'd clicked on the wrong link somehow - I was completely ignorant to the fact that Nature posts EcoSFF fiction on their site as well!

After finding a weathered Earthen recipe card for lava cake, a far-future, space-dwelling human colonist returns to Earth to track down the ingredients needed to make the cake the old-fashioned way. What follows is a world built in the space between the words, a hinted-at global meltdown in the background of one person's quest to bring happiness to another in even the smallest ways.

And there you have it, pals! Five great reads to tide you over on this wonderful Memorial Day weekend. May your mornings be sleep-filled, your coffee be hot, and your books be absolutely amazing!